Founded : April, 2015
Founder/President : Katsuhiko Kawasaki (Katsu)

●Profile of Katsu

1983: Worked at Sanwa Textile as a textile engineer & sales
1987: Moved to New York as a contract sales person of Mitshubishi Corporation
1988: Founded KATSU NEW YORK in NY /

KATSU NEW YORK has been selling Fashion and Interior textile mainly made in Japan products for 27 years.

<Major Customers>

●Purpose and Mission

For the past 27 years, Katsu New York has been building itself into a leader of Japanese textiles, and now, Katsu New York wants to return the support that Japan has been providing us by sharing the cultural experiences and industrial knowledge we have accumulated with new comers to our industry. Thus, Katsu Japan was founded to lead Japanese textile companies, both small and large, along the path to independence, the same path Katsu New York has already taken.

Our mission is to support Japanese textile companies in expanding their business globally, by not only selling products but also connecting them with designers, buyers, and other Japanese textile companies.
We also want to pass down our knowledge and experience of 27 years in NY.

We appreciate all of your support.


KATSU JAPAN provides the opportunities for material and intellectual growth of all our employees.
Through our efforts, we contribute to the advancement of society in the pursuit of “what is right as human beings.”


克己: In your life and at work, care for others first by overcoming your own ego for your own long lasting happiness.