We believe that to make use of goodness of the material itself as much as possible can make customers happy.

We have been producing for our fabrics for over 50 years since 1963 with craftmanship.

The fabric which is not easy to weave but feel good when we touch. We make use of goodness of the material itself as much as possible.

We understand each characteristics of cotton all over the world, and so we always select the most optimal cotton as each textile image we want to produce. And, we choice the best process for the environment and for the willness of our customers. We are concerned with each individual process of creating the fabrics and fiber processing, to weaving and design. Our fabric is the finest and most innovative in our industry.

Now and forever, we appreciate the connection between people; customer, craftman, designer, and any other people we relate, and continue to keep producing the good fabrics.

Imabari Locality

Imabari City is in Ehime prefecture which is located in the westside in Japan, and is well known for its warm climate. We also have good soft water which contributes to high quality weaving products. Now, “Imabari towel” is the most popular and hight quality towel in Japan.
Within Imabari locality there are many specialty mills, that can’t be found anywhere else. We create unique, durable fabrics through the cooperation of these sister mills and our own mills.

Pick Up

We carefully select each material in each stage of the fabrics making process. We especially emphasize on using Organic Cotton and Natural Dyes.
Organic Cotton and Natural Dyes also have their story.
Organic Cotton is not only kind to one’s skin, but it also kind to the natural world. Thus, wearing organics equates to a clear conscience.
And then, there is also our choice to use Natural Dyes. Wouldn’t it be obvious that the dye that comes from your garden, instead of from a chemistry lab, would feel fresher and more honest?
We use dyes on our fabric by flower, fruit, and vesitable which grow up in Japan. From weave to dye, the product which we produce is all made in Japan, and the color looks so beautiful.

Shere skills

We not only develop our own fabrics from the rare Watanabe Pile, but we also promote local textile and dye mills in the area by including their work in our products. We try to protect the Japanese technique.

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