HOKKOH (北高株式会社)

HOKKOH (北高株式会社)

HOKKOH (北高株式会社)

HOKKOH CO.,LTD. has been in business for over 35 years as manufacturers, working in merchandise with decorative prints.

We manufacture 600 new designs each year and we are always ready for shipment as we carry in stock materials all year round. Our customer’s are also able to customize textiles with their own designs.

Customers may use our printed design for women’s, men’s, children, chandlery and a variety of other uses.

Our corporate identity is “we can enrich someone’s mind by printed designs and make society brighter” and we are trying so hard to move many customers by using our fabric and designs.

Most of the printing process takes place in Japan. We make high quality “Made in Japan” materials and we hope a great many customers would feel same way.

We’ve attended PREMIERE VISION in Paris for 10 years, since 2006, and we now have the confidence that our company is one of the most attractive in PREMIERE VISION especially in the men’s market. We’ve recently branched into women’s market with unique fabrics.

This year we will attend PREMIERE VISION in NY, especially showcasing INDIGO and EXTRA LONG STAPLE COTTON.

We are elated to have an opportunity to be of service to customers and apparel companies.

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