Kyoto Kizuna (エリモ工業株式会社 / 小嶋織物株式会社 )

Kyoto Kizuna (エリモ工業株式会社 / 小嶋織物株式会社 )

Kyoto Kizuna (エリモ工業株式会社 / 小嶋織物株式会社 )



We are a complete producer of eco-friendly textile interior decoration products, from weaving to end product.

The southern part of Kyoto prefecture (i.e. Kizugawa City) is famous for being the oldest manufacturer of cotton, hemp and spun rayon fabrics in Japan.

Since the Meiji Era (1890’s), we have been manufacturing woven Fusuma paper made from natural materials such as cotton and hemp fabrics that were likewise woven by ourselves. Later, we began to weave thin textiles made of rayon yarn that was newly developed from wooden pulp. This was then laminated with paper using a backing-machine, thereby enabling us to produce the end product by mass production. In this way we manufactured and sold them in a continuous process so as to help in the recovery of the Japanese housing industry after World War 2.

In the 1960’s, we started producing genuine woven Fusuma paper with traditional Japanese patterns printed on its surface by rotary printing machine. We also began to manufacture wallcoverings made with cellulosic fiber textile woven with a variety of rich patterns. We achieved this by using different yarns with varying textures, shapes, thickness and color.

During the 1990’s, we were able to increase the quality of our goods and at the same time significantly shorten our production lead-time by introducing the Automatic High-Speed Air Jet Loom, Rapier Loom and Automatic loom. As a result of this increase in production output, not only were we able to supply high quality fabrics to Japan, but also to other countries all over the world.

In 2010, we introduced the big digital printer suitable for our textile interior decoration products. This machine enabled us to create new warp products or ribbon embroidery products utilizing our old tradition combined with new technology.

Our textile interior decoration products are also remarkable for its safety characteristics. Because they are made from natural materials, they are breathable and can absorb and release moisture.
Consequently they have the ability to adjust the density of moisture in a room thereby preventing the occurrence of mold and mildew. In addition, they are bio-degradable; they decompose when buried in the earth as waste, and do not release any toxic gas in the atmosphere when burned. For these reasons our products can be installed safely in the rooms of children and older people.

Currently, we are proud to be the top manufacturer of textile interior decoration products in Japan, with the highest production capacity among our peers in the industry. Our goal is to contribute to
society by providing products that enrich people’s lives, are safe yet stylish, old yet new, blending new technology with old traditions, thereby promoting and preserving the richness of Japanese culture in the modern world.

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